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The Truth (La Verdad) lyrics

by Bob Carlisle

Let me tell you 'bout a young boy from Santa Ana
Playing music with the band was the only thing that ever mattered
I never really listened much to rock-n-roll
Grew up on James Brown, Motown and Latin soul
And that's the truth

Se all my homies were of seriouls Latino persuasion
They taught me how to find the groove despite my sole lack of pigmentation
They took a little white boy with shiny shoes
And they anointed me with salsa and rhythm and blues, and

That's the truth, the whole truth, so help me God
I can't pretend to be something I am not
So if my midnight confession seems peculiar to you
Well it may sound crazy but it
Ain't nothin' but the truth

Now me and Jesus had our own kind of understanding
You see He knew I wasn't no choirboy but I guess He wasn't all that demanding
He knew I didn't always walk the line
But He was right there to catch me every time
And that's the truth

You may say it's impossible
"Hey that ain't Butterfly Boy"
I know it sounds so incredible
But it's the truth

Es la verdad, asi' que ayu'deme dios
No puedo ser algo que no soy
Si lo que digo se vea desconocido a ti
You may think I'm crazy
Pero es la verdad

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