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Power of Love lyrics

by Bob Carlisle

Verse 1:
Built like a tower,
Stood about 6 foot 4,
Known to be the meanest man
In town
(and nobody could)
Really get next to him,
'least nobody could before,
(but that was long before)
Before the power of love came down.

It happened one cold night
At the birth of his new baby,
Holding him so tight,
That man was weeping like a child,
To the power.

(It's the power of love)
Make a grown man show his weakness,
Bowing to the power of love.
(It's the power of love)
Make the coldest heart a believer,
Believer in the power of love.
(It's the power of love)

Verse 2:
She's a lonely widow
Livin' in her mansion all alone
And no one ever saw her
Come or go
(but every Friday night)
She would slip unnoticed to the
Mission down the road
'cause that's where all the
Hungry people go.

Spent all her time,
Tears and money,
Just to help them through the pain.
She was frail, but ain' it funny,
She was 8 feet tall with the
Power of love.


It's an amazing mystery.
It can put you on your feet
Or drive you to your knees.

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