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In the Hands of Jesus lyrics

by Bob Carlisle

What does tomorrow hold
Nobody really knows
The future is never ours to see
So much uncertainty
Still we keep holding on to
Yesterday, when yesterday is gone
But even in the darkest night, we're safe inside His love
And that's where we still stay

In the hands of Jesus, we remain until we're home
Standing together, come what may
For we know that we will not be moved
We will remain in Jesus' hands

Just let your fear subside
Here it is safe inside
And though every storm is hard to see
We are bound by unity

For even as we struggle in our battle,
We know the victory is won
And no power on this earth can ever separate us now
We're in the hands of God


We will remain
In the hands of our Savior
We will remain
Even in our weakest hour
The power that strengthens us will never die
It will stand the test of time
Throughout all time


Send "In the Hands of Jesus"

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