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Forgiveness lyrics

by Bob Carlisle

Verse 1:
I say I will, but then I won't
Say I do, but then I don't.
It happens every day,
I hate the sinner,
Love the sin.
It's a sorry state I'm in.
I've got to get away.

Every time I throw that stone
The fate I'm sealing is my own.
Do you know how much I need....

Forgiveness - forgiveness
I can't live without.
Forgiveness - forgiveness
That's what love's about.

Verse 2:
I say forgive and then forget,
But I ain't learned to do it yet.
You'd think I'd know by now
I know how to hurt someone,
Been on both sides of that gun,
Pulled the trigger anyhow.

When I'm hurting someone else
I only hurt myself.
I've got to let it go.


A thousand wrongs don't make a right
And nobody wins
When the bridges start burning.
Can't you hear my cry?


Send "Forgiveness"

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