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Every Step I Take lyrics

by Bob Carlisle

so many dreamers, livin’ life against the wall
and when i look into the mirror,
i see the greatest of them all
i dream of what i could be,
beyond the fear and doubt
when i face the hope of God gives me,
my faith will work out

i gotta take a chance, the key is letting go
because until a man can take a chance,
how is he to know

every step i take
there’s a way for God to prove what a little trust can do
every step of faith
i know, i know, i know
my God will see me through,
with every step i take

oh what a hard life so many have allowed
and if you look a little closer,
you’ll see me in that crowd
i know what God’ll give me,
but i reach for so much less
and in the end
what i’m left holding,
is nothing near the best

i’m gonna take a chance, and aim for higher ground
cause unless a man can take a risk,
it never can be found

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