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All To You lyrics

by Bleach

I canít wait to get out of here
I canít fake through this pain I feel
Itís been too long, that Iíve been gone
Now Iím coming back, Iím coming back
So long, itís gone
This burden that I carry

And Iíll give it all to You, to You
And Iíll give it all to You, to You, to You, to You

And I'll wade out and the waves are bigger
I canít sort through all this junk so I surrender
And Iíve gone on, way too long
Now Iíve had enough, Iíll give it up to you
This storm is great, but You are so much greater


I canít wait to see you standing there so bright and special
And all the waves that crashed around my head
Fall silent at the whisper of your voice

And Iíll give it all to You, all to You, all to You...
© 2005 Tooth & Nail Records

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