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Into Our Midst lyrics

by Better Days Ahead (BDA)

Let Your love come down into our midst
Let us slowly lose our grip
In the haven of Your grace
Let Your love come down into our midst
Falling sweetly on our lips
Give us more than just a taste

Of the glory of Your face, light too bright to hide
When all is broken down to what You are: love personified
If love is sacrifice, and life is giving love
Then redemption is the sum of what You are
And what we're not worthy of
And so we cry

Of the sweetness of your touch, unrelenting grace
Whenever you take hold of what we are
We can't be left unchanged
Let this be all we need, and this our one desire
A people who will never get enough
Of everything You are
And so we cry

Let Your love come flowing down
Let Your love come flowing down
Will You meet us on the ground?

© 2004 Creative Trust

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