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Don't Be Long lyrics

by Better Days Ahead (BDA)

Father finally I'm broken
Stretched so thin that I can hardly move
And all that I have left are the promises You've spoken to me
Father finally I'm shattered
A hollow shell of what I once thought true
And there is nothing left of things that used to matter to me

Lord, take me now
Cause I have got to get away from here somehow

Father don't be long tonight, I just need You by my side
I'm tearing out my insides and I've needed You alright
Let me look into Your eyes, All I need is You tonight
Hold me 'til I'm fast asleep and things will be alright

Father finally I'm happy
Where my sin was great Your grace abounds
And all that I have left is the hope that You have given to me
Lord take me now
Cause everything's alright when I'm with You somehow

And I'll wait for You tonight
I'll be still and know tonight, so Father don't be long tonight
© 2004 Creative Trust

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