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Answer Me lyrics

by Better Days Ahead (BDA)

Ordinary, think of all I could have been
What were You thinking?
Temporary, what a fragile state for You to find me in

And if I lose myself in You
Will I find my hope renewed?

Someday, when I look into Your eyes
I will be caught up in Your majesty
And someday, for the first time in my life
I won't speak, and You won't have to answer me

Listen closely to the beating of my heart
Betrays my feelings
Sinking slowly, so afraid that I will never see that far

And if I give You all I can
Will You take as I am?

This is a part of my redemption story
Can't see much further down the road before me
But I will listen to experience
As it sings a song of your faithfulness
© 2004 Creative Trust

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