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Smart Blest Man lyrics

by ApologetiX

In First Kings 2,
my daddy told me what I gotta do.
Real soon, Dad died.
I had to lead the Israelites.
I told God to make me wise as He can
‘cause Israel needs to have a smart blest man.

Don't want diamond rings.
I need wisdom from the King of Kings.
God said: "Slick pick!
Since you said that I'm gonna make you rich.
They'll come runnin' from the farthest of lands
to hear the Lord's wisdom from a smart, blest man."

I don't know how, how, how ... but He did it.
You know what I'm talkin' about!
Got gold, got class.
But I don't care because it all will pass.
Get faith, find love
If you're smart, those are enough.
Then ask God to make you wise as He can
and everyone will say that you're a smart, blest man

© 2001 Parodudes, Inc.

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