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Lazzie Lay lyrics

by ApologetiX

Wake up, Lazarus,
Jesus got somethin' to say to you
Your funeral's over, but you really should come back,
it's cool I know you're deep in the tomb,
but I believe you'll be leavin' soon
And Jesus He stood and just cried when He saw He said,
"Roll away the stone," 'cause he didn't wanna see ya gone
You know His power and that stuff really works
We're mourning some 'cause it's been four days since we closed your grave
But that don't worry Him none,
He says Christ can do anything
But after somebody dies, can Jesus really make 'em rise?
Oh, Lazarus shouldn't have died,
anyhow He said, "Roll away the stone."
Just to save us from bein' alone
We rolled the stone and now we're waitin' for you
‹ come out! Our Lord Jesus was your friend,
so when, we called for Him Well, we told Him 'bout you, brother,
But somethin' must have happened;
He's four days late Tried to tell Him that you're dead and then the Lord,
He only shakes His head Oh,
Lazzie, I couldn't have tried any more He said,
"Roll away the stone" 'cause He didn't wanna see ya gone I don't know how,
but I trust Him anyway I supposed you'd resurrect some day,
when all the others do
But Jesus says that you will be a livin' when He calls for you
They finally got the rock-a-rolled back.
They're helpin' you unwrap Oh,
Lazzie, I thought I'd never see your face
He made a faithless fool out of me, 'cause you're alive,
as any fool can see You look so good;
I can't believe you ever died

© 2001 Parodudes, Inc.

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