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Jonah Jonah lyrics

by ApologetiX

Fishy come 'round and ate ya Jonah, Jonah
Cause you was bound out of town far from home yeah
Had you in his stomach for three long nights now
Because-a God said go to Ninevah
But you didn't, huh?

I said yeah! (Yeah!) Yeah! (Yeah!) Yeah! (Yeah!) Yeah! (Yeah!)
You makin' things (Jonah, Jonah)
So hard
Yeah! (Yeah!) Yeah! (Yeah!) Yeah! (Yeah!)

Prayed please save me Jonah, Jonah
God's gonna get it done -- hold on Jonah
Whale's not lookin' like he feels so good, yeah
Well, don't look now but he's gonna vomit
So hold on Jonah

Bleah! (Bleah!) Bleah! (Bleah!) Bleah! (Bleah!)

He made the whale
Throw up
Throw up
Ooh you was too boney, bo-bo-boney
Ooh that's what he told me, tol-tol-told me
Tasted like spumoni, mo-mo-moni
Mixed with macaroni, ro-ro-roni

Bleah! (Bleah!) Bleah! (Bleah!) Bleah! (Bleah!)

Go look up Jonah
He's in the Yellow Pages
Under "Water"
© 2001 Parodudes, Inc.

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