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Dancing Dave lyrics

by ApologetiX

Dancing Dave is here again
And he somehow leaves me cold
And from my tower, my love grows sour
‘cause I'm his woman, you know?
He's in the spotlight, I said it's not right
To dance with all of your heart
The Lord is holy not rock and rolly
Least that's the way I was taught
Davey where's your etiquette?
Well, you're barely wearing your clothes
If you use a circus tent
You could even start up a show
You know it's not right, not very polite
You know you're fallin' apart yeah
You're bein' ornery but more importantly
Get out of the way of the ark!
I saw you jumpin' and gettin' down
But I'm here to tell you I'll have no part
I'm not the kind of queen that dances around
Like a bad girl in a bar
You know it's not right, it isn't godlike
To dance with all of your heart
You need my loyalty, might lose your royalty
Unless you make a new start
But Dancing Dave was innocent
And as some of you may know
His wife Michal was to wind up childless
Because she wounded him so
I said it's all right; he had some more wives
But there's a point to this part yeah
So read the manual in Second Samuel
In chapter six you should start!

© 2001 Parodudes, Inc.

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